2012-09-17 20:52:24

Korean-American Voters for Obama

With less than 50 days left till the U.S. presidential election, it’s unclear how swing voters and swing states will tilt the vote in a remarkably stable, yet tight race. But it seems as if Korean-Americans have generally decided which candidate they’re going to stand behind come November.

Despite a struggling economy, polls show one after another that the majority are ready to give President Barack Obama one more chance.

The U.S. Asian American Law Enforcement Association polled 1,100 Asian-Americans, and of the likely Korean voters, 59 percent said they support Obama, while only 13 percent said they favor Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Another poll released by MinKwon Center for Community Action, a non-profit Korean-American advocacy group, showed that America’s first black president is still a favorite among Koreans.

The center reached out to 1,500 potential voters and found that 44 percent support the Democratic ticket, while just 3 percent preferred Romney. The result, however, did find a bloc of maybes, because 35 percent said they haven’t made up their minds.

But even these undecided voters are likely to swing toward Obama in the end, political experts say.

"Korean voters have a tendency to get heavily influenced by family and friends,’’ says Robert Choi, a political watcher and voting advocate, "so there is a strong chance that Obama will pick up a good number of last-minute Korean votes.’’

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