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It's Election Day! AlterNet Liveblog

Today's the day. We've reached the end of a long, brutal campaign season. 2012's Presidential race saw nasty character attacks and shameless deceptions; wide-scale voter suppression efforts; the purchase of our democracy by obscene wealth thanks to Citizens United, and an outsized role for right-wing clown Donald Trump. As we round the final stretch, AlterNet will be updating all day to keep you up on congressional races, ballot initiatives, voting issues, and everything else you need to know, so check back in.

10:48 AM: AlterNet EXCLUSIVE: We've obtained hidden-camera footage behind the scenes at Fox News, as they prepare for the election results. Watch:


10:30 AM: In recent elections Republicans have sounded the alarm over voter fraud, mostly as a cover and justification for voter suppression efforts like draconian ID laws that disproportionately impact minorities. One inconvenient fact of this strategy is that fraud is so rare it's almost non-existant. Also, recent cases have mostly involved Republicans. Yesterday, Clackamas County, Ore, announced that they caught a registered Republican poll worker altering ballots:

The Oregonian reports:

Swenson, who is registered as a Republican, also worked previous elections, at least back to 2010, said Scot Sideras, county counsel.

Swenson is accused of filling in the names of Republican candidates on ballots where voters did not make a choice. Tampering with ballots is a Class C felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of $125,000.

10:25 AM: Poll expert Nate Silver gives Obama a 91.6% chance of winning today. "Whether because of Hurricane Sandy, the relatively good economic news of late, or other factors, Mr. Obama appears to have gained ground in the closing days of the race." Silver writes on his NYT blog fivethirtyeight.

(Silver also had some choice words for America's pundits last night on the Colbert show. Click here to see which deadly disease Silver prefers to America's pundits).

9 AM: It's everyone's last chance to make absurd predictions based on no evidence about todays's outcome, and America's election prognosticators have not dissapointed. AlterNet's Lynn Parramore writes a hilarious round-up of the most absurd predictions based on the flimsiest reasoning spewing from America's pundit psychics. 


 Predictor: Dick Morris/FoxNews

Call: Romney (by a landslide)

Reasoning: Liberal Media Conspiracy

”It will be the biggest surprise in recent American political history…It will rekindle the whole question on why the media played this race as a nailbiter where in fact Romney’s going to win by quite a bit.”

I dunno, Dick. There’s probably a reason Andrew Sullivan created the Dick Morris Award for “stunningly wrong cultural, political and social predictions.”


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