2011-12-20 22:46:00

Islands at Risk - Genetic Engineering in Hawai'I

Produced for Earthjustice, a non-profit public interest law firm, this half-hour program focuses on experiments with genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) in Hawai’i, a place that has been named the GMO testing capitol of the world because of the more than 2,000 secret experimental field tests carried out over the past decade. Farmers, legal and medical experts and community activists share their perspective on the genetic engineering of crops and the patenting of life forms. In addition, they warn against the possible health impacts of GMOs, including allergic and immune system responses from exposure to biopharmaceutical crops —both in humans and in Hawai’i’s endangered species — and contamination of regular food crops such as papaya, taro, coffee and corn with genetically modified versions of those crops. Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) recount their successful attempt to prevent the University of Hawai’i patenting of taro, honored as an ancestor, and assert their right to the biodiversity of their lands which is at the heart of their ability to maintain health and survival. The video also addresses the impact of genetic engineering on food security and the world’s future ability to feed itself.

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