2012-10-24 14:45:34

Infographic: Trans voters and photo id laws

Trans Voting Guide

Click to enlarge. Transgender Votes and Photo ID Laws by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Image via Bilerico.

As E.J. Graff explores in her column over at the American Prospect, it’s pretty bizarre that we need to report our sex when we go to vote in the first place. “Why identify my sex [when I go to vote]?” Graff asks. “Would I get a different ballot?”

The concept seems ridiculous until we realize just how serious the issue of voter suppression is right now. Voter id laws are an insidious voter suppression tactic which, while not new by any means, are gearing up to play a revitalized role in our elections. And they threaten to silence hundreds of thousands of (mostly democratic) votes in  November, with people of color, women, trans people, young people, and poor people disproportionately affected.

To that end, hopefully the infographic above helps answer some of the crucial questions that come up when attempting to vote while trans. For more, including PSAs, educational resources for poll workers, and a state-by-state breakdown of voter ID laws, visit www.votingwhiletrans.org.

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