2012-06-01 22:53:47

In Defense of the Census

The House of Representatives voted last month to end the American Community Survey. Now the Senate will take up the measure. But according to an editorial in Impremedia/La Opinión, the attack on the Census Bureau's annual survey comes out of ignorance.

The American Community Survey samples millions of Americans every year to obtain detailed information that is used for everything from market research to deciding where to build roads, hospitals and businesses.

The information is worth much more than the almost $250 million per year the survey costs, and eliminating it would not make a dent on the federal deficit, editors write.

"We hope the Senate defends the ACS and prevents it from becoming optional, which would weaken it if providing so much information isn't mandatory," editors write. "Otherwise, its scientific value would be lost and it would end up costing more."

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