2012-06-29 18:30:00

Immigrant Rights Group To Register More Voters Following SB1070 Ruling

PHOENIX, Ariz.—Following this week’s Supreme Court’s decision on SB1070, the state’s
controversial immigration legislation, the immigrant rights group, Promise Arizona, said it now
plans to focus its efforts on registering new voters for the 2012 general election, reports La Prensa Hispana.

On June 25, the high court struck down several parts of what has come to be known as the “Papers, Please” law, including the controversial provision making it a felony to be in the state without documentation. However, the provision that grants police the right to inquire about the immigration status of anyone they suspect of being undocumented, was upheld.

Promise Arizona established a vigil at the Capitol when the legislation was enacted in 2010. It has also been speaking out against the law on several occasions. Patricia Rosas, said the court’s ruling “has given us more courage to keep fighting, mobilize people to vote, register more voters.”

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