2013-11-06 17:17:42

Illinois Celebrates Marriage Equality

Illinoisans – this Washington, DC transplant included – are long at last able to celebrate the passage of a marriage equality law! Last night lawmakers approved the bill after (finally) getting enough House votes to move the bill through the Senate. Governor Pat Quinn intends to sign the bill into law to take effect June 1, 2014. This will make Illinois is the 15th state to allow same -sex marriages. I’m so jealous that I’m not home to celebrate with all of my queer Northside folks. 

But at least there’s Twitter:

And while this law represents a great milestone in the fight for queer rights and justice, there is still work to be done. According to UCAN, the organization that launched a LGBTQ Host Home program, 20-40% of homeless youth (under 21) in Illinois identify as LGBTQ. These young people need all of the resources they can get. Please consider donating to UCAN or the Broadway Youth Center, which provides free/low cost health services and has been under attack by residents of the bougie Lakeview neighborhood.

Avatar Image Sesali is a proud Illinoisan!