2012-11-05 21:15:00

If Latino Vote Is High, Obama Will Carry 4 Key Swing States

A new poll released Monday by impreMedia & Latino Decisions suggests President Obama is poised to win a record high share of the Latino vote, and in turn likely to win key swing states and enough electoral college votes to retain the presidency.

The results indicate the president has retained consistent support and Latinos report they are likely to turn out in record numbers.

Sixteen percent of respondents indicated that they had already voted early, with another 73 percent saying they were certain to vote, reflecting increasing levels of enthusiasm over the course of this poll.

The president's support continued its steady climb with 64 percent saying they are certain to vote for him on Election Day and another 8 percent leaning toward him. Romney's supporters also remained consistent, but overall he was unable to make significant inroads with Latino voters.

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