2012-04-30 18:30:33

George Zimmerman's New Social Media Strategy


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When god closes a website, he opens a Facebook page! George Zimmerman’s defense attorney, Mark O’Mara, has established a Facebook and Twitter account for his client after Zimmerman disabled his previous website, which raised $200,000 for him.  Zimmerman just plum forgot to disclose this money when the judge was determining his bond, something his lawyer deemed an “oversight.” You know when you forget about a couple hundred thousand dollars you have lying around? Of course you do – we’ve all been there. As of 2:11 PM on April 30th, the Facebook page already has 772 likes, and the twitter account has 625 followers and 41 tweets.

O’Mara explained the social media move:

First, we contend that social media in this day and age cannot be ignored. It is now a critical part of presidential politics, it has been part of revolutions in the Middle East, and it is going to be an unavoidable part of high-profile legal cases, just as traditional media has been and continues to be. We feel it would be irresponsible to ignore the robust online conversation, and we feel equally as strong about establishing a professional, responsible, and ethical approach to new media.

Let’s hope that Zimmerman is as responsible and ethical in his approach to new media as he is in his approach to human life. The Zimmerman Spring awaits.

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