2011-09-19 18:35:18

Gay USA: September 6-12, 2011

In the news this week: Out lesbian Rep. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin announces her bid for the US Senate seat there. You can learn more about her campaign at www.VictoryforTammy.com. California's Supreme Court holds a hearing on whether the authors of Prop 8 can defend it in Court. The Log Cabin Club continues to press its federal case for keeping DADT declared unconstitutiona. As the September 20 date for open gay and lesbian military service approaches, it is doubtful that most discharged. Servicemembers will be able to reclaim their ranks if they re-enlist.The jury in the trial of Brandon McInerney, who at 14 killed his gay and transgendered classmate Larry King in California, fails to reach a verdict. Will the prosecution re-try him?  Chaz Bono under enormous attack for his upcoming appearance on Dancing with the Stars but mama Cher is fighting back.