2012-06-18 17:49:31

Gay USA: June 12-18, 2012

In the news this week: Still another federal court rules that DOMA is unconstitutional, this time in the New York case brought by Edie Windsor. Mitt Romney’s gay neighbors have a problem with him. right wing billionaire puts up a million dollars to elect Republicans who support same-sex marriage. right wing “study” purporting to show that kids of gay parents do worse in life is given a lot of play in the mainstream media and the LGBT establishment fights back. transgender veteran seeks to re-enlist in the Army.  A U.S. Senate committee holds hearings on ENDA, but the Republican-led U.S. House will not touch it. LGBT groups join fight against racist NYPD tactics. Denmark opens marriage to same-sex couples. Moscow court bans gay pride parades for 100 years. New York court rules that the saliva of an HIV-positive man is NOT “a dangerous instrument.” June 27 is National HIV Testing Day and you can find out where to go for an HIV test atwww.hivtest.orgYoung people with less firmly defined sexual orientations are more prone to substance abuse, a study finds.

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