2012-03-02 20:41:32

Gay USA: Feb. 28-March 5, 2012

With Rick Santorum hysterically pushing a religious agenda into the presidential race and New York City arguing about whether churches can hold worship services in public schools, we'll begin the show by talking with Katherine Stewart, author of a new book called "The Good News Club: The Christian Right's Stealth Assault on America's Children" about Christian right organizations are systematically infiltrating the public schools across the country in order to evangelize elementary and middle school children. It is a frightening story that you can read more about at: www.thegoodnewsclub.com. The Defense of Marriage Act's Section 3, barring federal recognition of legal same-sex marriages, is once again struck down by a federal court, this time in California. The US House, led by Republicans, has filed an appeal in the case. Maryland passes its bill opening marriage to same-sex couples, backed by Governor O'Malley. Opponents are mounting an effort to stop the law from going into effect through a November referendum.  Arizona Republican sheriff Paul Babeu, outed as gay, now faces charges that he ran an abusive school in Massachusetts and took one of the students as his lover. And what former "Gay USA" guest will be competing on the next "Dancing With the Stars?" Hint: it's not Barney Frank or Edward Albee.