2011-02-25 22:05:48

Gay USA: Feb. 22-28, 2011

(By now, you've all heard that President Obama and his Department of Justice have agreed with us that the federal Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and they will no longer defend it in court. This is a BIG breakthrough for our movement, but it broke too late to be included in THIS week's Gay USA with Ann and Corey. Ann and Andy will provide a thorough analysis on NEXT week's show.) After we taped this show, California's Supreme Court agrees to decide whether the authors of Proposition 8 have standing to appeal in federal court. A Senate committee in Maryland passes a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. The House in Indiana passes a state constitutional amendment to bar same-sex marriage. The Wyoming Senate votes to bar recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriages and civil unions. Marine Commandant Gen. Amos further softens his stance on Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal. We'll show you a depressing video report from Al Jazeera English on "corrective rapes" of South African lesbians. Belarus gives permission for a pride march, but the new Moscow Mayor promises to ban one. A prominent Chinese AIDS activist is sentenced to a year in prison. In the U.S., the drastic budget cuts proposed by House Republicans include slashes in AIDS funding. Ann delivers a couple of theater reviews by Andy. And we look forward to this Sunday's Oscars.

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