2011-02-17 22:08:28

Gay USA: Feb. 15-21, 2011

Marriage equality advocates demand licenses for same-sex couples around the country. Go to www.equal.org to view footage and to www.whymarriagematters.org for a new ad promoting marriage equality. Hawaii’s House passes a civil unions bill and the governor will sign it. A marriage equality bill is filed in Washington State and a civil unions bill in Colorado. Wyoming looks to ban same-sex divorce. Arizona sues to end domestic partner benefits for employees with same-sex partners. Several attacks on homes of gay people in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. The ACLU wants to know if your school district is censoring LGBT content. Britain may be ready to open marriage to same-sex couples. IGLHRC highlights the blackmailing of gay people in Africa. Go here to view report. Activists in Lima, Peru stage a kiss-in and are attacked by police. Interesting new apps to find free condoms in New York City here and to find out about HIV drugs here. Andy reviews a play about Lord Alfred Douglas, the lover of Oscar Wilde. Is Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” the new gay anthem?

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