2011-02-07 19:56:56

Gay USA: Feb. 1-Feb. 7, 2011

Uganda’s leading gay activist, David Kato, was murdered in his home after a rightwing campaign attacking him. There was a vigil in his honor on Thursday, February 3rd in New York. A lesbian from Uganda is given an 11th hour reprieve from deportation from Britain after an international uproar. The Defense Department says it is moving expeditiously on the plan to end DADT and President Obama gives a nod to gay servicemembers in his State of the Union speech even as the Department seeks recovery of bonuses paid to service members who were kicked out under the policy. Quick intervention by advocacy groups lets a Minnesota lesbian teen couple walk down the aisle together in a high school ceremony. Civil unions advance in Hawaii and are signed into law in Illinois. The mother of Christa McAuliffe, the teacher who died on the space shuttle Challenger 25 years ago, is promoting a new film on her life including how she stood up for gay kids who were bullied in her class. And if you’re depressed, Andy thinks the star-studded “Three Sisters” at the Classic Stage Company will cheer you up.

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