2010-08-27 15:36:15

Gay USA: Aug 24-Aug 31 2010: New York's Anti-Gay Problems

Remember the Stonewall, because this week the city of New York is accused of using false arrests to try to close a gay bar on Christopher Street that mostly serves men of color. The New York Times suggests that shooting gay men is an effective way to stop gay men for crusing for sex in parks. The separation of church and state took a big beating in the army as reported this week. We've seen the "spouse survey" for Don't Ask Don't Tell and we'll talk about that. The mayor of Mexico City is suing the Archbishop of Guadalajara for defamation because the Archbishop said that the country's Supreme Court was bribed to make it pro-gay ruling. There is an interesting new study on killing the HIV virus in the body of mice. And we're celebrating the demise of Dr. Laura's radio show which will conclude at the end of this year.