2012-04-04 20:30:30

Gay USA: April 3-9, 2012

BREAKING: Voters in Anchorage, Alaska seem to have rejected LGBT rights by a 58-42% margin on Tuesday. The ballot measure proposed adding sexual orientation and gender identity and expression to their human rights law. But there also seems to be evidence of widespread voter fraud by the opposition so this may not be over. Read Joe My God for more information here.

The campaign got really ugly and we will show you one of the most disgusting ads by the opposition—along with a dignified response from a transgender man with the Yes on 5 campaign.

PROGRAM NOTE FOR FREE SPEECH VIEWERS: Free Speech will be in pledge mode April 16 – May 6. During those weeks, the schedule for Gay USA will change to Saturdays at 11 PM, Mondays at 8 PM and Fridays at 8 PM (ALL TIMES EASTERN). You can access the show anytime through our audio podcast at www.gayusatv.org or through online video at Blip TV at http://blip.tv/search?q=Gay+USA

Poet Adrienne Rich, a lesbian feminist artist, activist, and icon is dead at 82. We remember her tremendous contributions to literature and our society. Non-citizens in binational relationships file suit against the United States to overturn the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act. Mitt Romney secretly gave $10,000 to the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage. He doesn't want it back, despite the group's racially divisive strategy. Miss Universe Canada reinstates a transgender contestant who had been excluded last week. A group in Liberia publishes a hit list of gay rights supporters they intend to eliminate. The Santiago, Chile gay man who was brutally beaten by Neo Nazis has died of his injuries. The Disney musical "Newsies" opens on Broadway with a new book by Harvey Fierstein. Andy has a review of that and the revival of "Jesus Christ Superstar." Martina is the first one sent home from "Dancing with the Stars"

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