2012-04-18 19:36:49

Gay USA: April 17-23, 2012

President Obama refuses to issue a promised executive order that would ban anti-LGBT discrimination by government contractors. The governor of North Carolina speaks out against a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and more. Amendment One will be decided May 8 and through early voting. To find out more, go to www.ProtectAllNCfamilies.orgIn Kentucky, the Justice Department brings its first hate crimes case based on sexual orientation. The author of a controversial “study” that claimed people could change their sexual orientations disavows his work. Catholic priest in Seattle refuses to collect signatures in his parish to ban same-sex marriage. The mayor of London bans signs on tubes and buses urging people to come out of homosexuality. Reviews of the new Broadway show about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and the revival of “Evita” with Ricky Martin, Elana Roger, and Michael Cerveris


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