2012-03-01 15:36:28

Frank Lautenberg: Man, who trusts women, of the day

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Watching the Blunt Amendment hearings today on C-Span and Frank Lautenberg gives a heartfelt testimony about how he doesn’t want the women in his life to suffer based on the warped views of religious zealots. He says,

“When it comes to women, they don’t get rights. They get restrictions… I have five daughters and eight granddaughters, and the one thing I worry about more than anything else is their health. I like to see their happy faces. I like to see them feeling good… So I want them to have doctors making decisions, not some employer who has a self-righteous moral view that he wants to impose on my daughter, my granddaughter, my wife. Nuh uh. On our side of the aisle, we believe that women are capable of making their own healthcare decisions.”

Thanks Frank Lautenberg for being a man that trusts women. Also, check out Chloe’s tumblr and submit more quotes from men who trust women.

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