2012-10-15 20:25:43

Four hundred trees cut down to make way for Endeavour

 Four hundred trees had to be cut down to make way for Endeavor’s wingspan. The city has promised to plant 1,000 replacements.
Power lines have also been raised and traffic lights pulled down but some stretches of the 12-mile journey are still a tight squeeze.

Former shuttle commander Mark Kelly, who captained Endeavor’s final flight, said he hoped the spacecraft would become an inspiration for future generations of astronauts.

“Maybe some day one of these kids that see Endeavor, look up at it at the California Science Center, will be that person that walks on the planet Mars?” he told US broadcaster CNN.

The shuttle set off on Friday from Los Angeles international airport, where it arrived three weeks ago aboard a specially equipped Boeing 747 and will end up at California Science Center.

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