2010-01-15 23:14:50

Every Church a Peace Church 30: Rev. Ed Loring and Rev. Murphy Davis

Don Edwards interviews the husband-and-wife team of Rev. Ed Loring and Rev. Murphy Davis, co-founders of the Open Door Community in Atlanta.  Loring discusses the mission of The Open Door Community to reduce the distance between the life of privilege to the lives of the poor. In taking their personal vow to live with and serve the poor, the imprisoned, and the sick, "we take steps that are risk-taking and courage-demanding."  Ed argues that the origin of oppression is comfort, and too many Christians have been cowards, "soft of the flesh" because they place country before the will of God, and kill Iraqis for their oil so they don't have to ride in the HOV lane. Murphy shares her battles with cancer and how she overcame a terminal prognosis in 1985. Don Edwards, Southeast ECAPC Coordinator, conducts ECAPC interviews with noted peacemakers.

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