2013-10-23 16:33:13

Don’t miss Kristen Schaal and the Daily Show on “Sexy Halloween”


Halloween is next week, and of course the phenomenon we will refer to as “Sexy Halloween” has already begun to rear its “naughty” head. In a new Daily Show sketch, Kristen Schaal embraces the absurdity of the trend, asking “Why would I be upset about progress, Jon? In these modern, liberated times, a woman is free to be a sexy whatever-the-hell-she wants!” before exploring a range of sexy inanimate object costumes including a carrot. (Full video after jump.)

Schaal is at least equal opportunity, encouraging various men in her life to wear sexy costumes as well, such as “Hollywood producer who hires women over 40 for meaningful, age appropriate roles”. Get your humpday laughs and watch Jon Stewart and Kristen Schaal take on this phenomenon like only they can in the video below.

 The Daily Show takes on Sexy Halloween costumes 


If anyone is able to produce a full transcript and can leave it in the comments section, I’d be very grateful.


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