2014-12-24 14:59:56

Democracy Now! - December 24, 2014

On today's episode of Democracy Now! 

A Wisconsin prosecutor has decided not to bring charges against a white police officer who fatally shot a mentally ill African-American man. 

Six years after first promising to close Guantánamo, President Obama is beginning to free more men from the 13-year-old military prison in Cuba. 

Nearly two years ago, Stacey Addison of Portland, Oregon, began a trip around the world starting in Antarctica. But the trip turned into a nightmare soon after she arrived in East Timor. On September 5, Stacey, a veterinarian, was traveling in a shared taxi with another passenger she had never met. The other passenger asked the driver to stop at a DHL postal office to pick up a package. It turned out the package contained illegal drugs. Soon after, the taxi was stopped by police. Police arrested everyone in the car. More than three months later, Stacey is still locked up in East Timor. Her family and friends have been waging an international campaign for her release. DN! is joined by two guests: Stacey Addison’s mother, Bernadette Kero, and Charles Scheiner of La’o Hamutuk, the Timor-Leste Institute for Development Monitoring and Analysis.

DN! ends today’s show with a story of love, birth and politics — a story some are calling "diplomaculate conception."