2012-11-02 01:46:43

Democracy Now! 2012-10-30 Tuesday

Climate Change & Historic Superstorm Sandy: 70+ Dead, Streets Submerged, Millions Without Power; Climate Change, Hurricanes and the Fate of America's Coastal Cities; Climate Activists Call on Presidential Candidates to Address Global Warming as Pres. Obama Declares NYC Disaster Area; Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant Declares Emergency in Face of Superstorm Sandy Tidal Surge; Professor Confronts Climate Deniers in the West, Explores "Unconventional Fuels"; An Eyewitness Report on Flooding in Red Hook, Brooklyn, in the Shadow of Lady Liberty; Climate Change Impact Often Felt Most by the Poor and Migrants Displaced by Extreme Weather; Bill McKibben on Resilience of New York City Residents Amidst Worst Storm Since 1821

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