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Democracy Now! 11/13/19

Democracy on Trial: Bill Moyers on Impeachment Inquiry & Why PBS Should Air Hearings in Primetime.

What those hearings did was to give millions of Americans the chance to hear the evidence as it unfolded, to test for themselves the credibility of the witnesses, whether they seem believable or not.

And PBS was new then. It was a rookie network. Not many people were taking it seriously.

And all of a sudden we were the only network in primetime, public service, that were giving these hearings full exposure, with very effective moderation by Jim and Robin.

And they didn’t get in the way of the testimony. They were not pundits. They were guiding the viewers through it. And as a result, millions of Americans got to see for themselves democracy on trial, how it was handled.

It was a more sedate era in Congress then than it is now. It was before Gingrich, who unleashed the forces of wrath when he was speaker of the House.

And people were polite, but they asked serious questions. They developed their stories. And the result was, at the end, Americans felt they had a sense of what it was all about.

Bill Moyers on Impeachment: All Presidents Lie, But Trump Has Created a Culture of Lying.

All presidents lie. They do so tactically. They do so strategically. Franklin Roosevelt lied about Lend-Lease until he could convince the public to go along with it. All presidents lie. It’s a defense they use.

But not all presidents lie systemically. Not all presidents lie constantly. And the fact of the matter is — and it’s not just the president, not just the White House lies that are filling the atmosphere with this toxic poison, that a good friend — my good friend and colleague Eric Alterman, the very distinguished journalist and professor here, of journalism, in town, has written about the lies of presidents.

There’s a wonderful documentary called All Governments Lie. And they do.

But what we have now is a culture of lying, not only from within politics, but from within media that is determined only to protect and save the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

A Coup? A Debate on the Political Crisis in Bolivia That Led to Evo Morales’s Resignation.

On Tuesday, the Organization of American States held an emergency meeting in Washington, where U.S. Ambassador Carlos Trujillo read a statement from President Donald Trump applauding Evo Morales’s resignation and warning it should “send a strong signal” to Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Mexico, Uruguay, Nicaragua and the president-elect of Argentina have all denounced Morales’s departure as a coup. Morales’s departure has sparked demonstrations and clashes across Bolivia.

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