2016-04-06 15:39:32

Democracy Now! 04-06-2016

On today's episode of Democracy Now!

In the race for the White House, Tuesday was a big night for the underdogs, as Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Ted Cruz secured decisive victories in the Wisconsin primary. Sanders beat rival Hillary Clinton by winning over 56 percent of the vote. Ted Cruz easily defeated front-runner Donald Trump by 13 percentage points. We speak to political analyst and activist Van Jones and Ruth Conniff, editor of the Wisconsin-based magazine The Progressive.

Following victories by Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz in Wisconsin, the candidates are turning their attention to the major contest next week: the New York primary. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are slated to square off for a debate in New York on April 14, ahead of the April 19 primary. We speak with Van Jones, CNN political commentator, about the Democratic showdown.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is facing new criticism over his possibly illegal proposal to attempt to force Mexico to pay for a border wall by blocking Mexicans living in the United States from sending money back to their families. It’s the latest in a series of controversial racist or xenophobic statements by Donald Trump, who has called Mexicans rapists, proposed banning Muslims from entering the United States and refused to disavow former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke. For more on the campaign, we speak with CNN political commentator Van Jones, who calls Trump’s campaign "the most dangerous development I have seen in my lifetime."


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