2012-10-04 19:32:41

Debate Recap: Romney Bullies His Way Past Obama In Denver

Pundits, bloggers and voters seem to agree that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney drove a Mack truck over President Barack Obama (and moderator Jim Lehrer) on Wednesday night during the first of three election debates.

With no audience applause and very little real-time reaction, Romney’s boardroom-style domineering skill put him ahead of a conciliatory, detail-oriented Obama, who didn’t perform to much Democratic satisfaction.

The men discussed jobs, the economy, taxes, education and healthcare. Romney, however, was rarely pressed to provide specifics or alternatives to Obama's agenda.

Early polling, including instant-reaction surveys conducted by CNN and CBS News, suggested Romney won the first debate. In a CBS poll of undecided voters, 46 percent gave Romney the victory, 22 percent for Obama and 32 percent called it a draw.

Many debate watchers, whether professional or pedestrian, felt that Obama failed to provide more than a couple of sound-bite-worthy lines for use during the morning news recaps. Romney got in more than a few.

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