2014-05-01 21:00:42

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Meet the Bangladeshi factory workers fighting for their rights this May Day.

Alexandra was on Al Jazeera and KCRW talking about the new White House report on campus rape. And Twe was on Democracy Now!

Seattle now has the highest minimum wage in the nation.

On Arianna Huffington’s Thrive movement.

Reports of sexual assaults in the military rose 50 percent since the Pentagon began a campaign to get more victims to come forward.

Eleanor Roosevelt as a disc jockey for WNYC.

The lack of bureaucracy in tech start-ups might be contributing to their lack of diversity.

How we lost 200 Black girls in 12 days.

Junot Diaz on the unbearable whiteness of MFA programs.

Consider donating to this Indiegogo campaign to start the first shelter for trans* women in the Bay Area.

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