2014-07-02 21:00:41

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet


Cheesy-but-adorable illustrations from graphic designer Carol Rossetti.

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.

And it’s Sylvia Rivera birthday!

Five myths about the Hobby Lobby decision, debunked.

A Fox News host says Hillary Clinton is courting “Beyonce voters” — single ladies who need contraception and “love to talk about equal pay.” Sound about right.

Funny how quickly conservatives defending the Hobby Lobby ruling on Twitter devolve into saying, “If you sluts don’t want to get pregnant, then keep your legs closed.”

The Fenway Institute has formed a bisexual health research collaborative.

Missouri Gov Jay Nixon vetoed a 72-hour waiting period law, saying, “This is insulting to women.” Well done.

Our own Katherine on how the Hobby Lobby decision could affect LGBT rights.

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