2013-02-08 22:30:02

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Etsy walks the walk, and increases the number of female engineers on staff by almost 500 percent in a year.

The top half of Gustave Courbet’s infamous painting “The Origin of the World” has been discovered.

Melinda Gates, Ashley Judd, Jasmine Whitbread, and other luminaries in the activist community share their hopes for women and girls by 2030.

Insurance companies launch “gender-distinct” pricing for long-term care insurance, spiking the rates for single women by up to 40 percent beginning in April. Long-term care, says one industry expert, “is truly a women’s issue.”

The Republican party is currently at war with itself.

If you are a fan of the ABC show Scandal you will love this recap over at AwesomelyLuvvie.com (Warning: Spoilers!).

Check out this great panel discussion sponsored by SEIU featuring our very own Zerlina discussing America’s new majority.

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