2013-04-10 21:00:36

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet


A tragic account of second-wave feminist infighting.

The talkativeness of women has been gauged in comparison not with men but with silence.

Four burning questions for Dean Spade.

Kendra James takes on Suzy Lee Weiss, Abigail Fischer, et al. at Black Girl Dangerous.

Appalachian State University wants to protect its brand; student- and professor-activists want to end campus rape.

Lena Dunham’s “First Time” ad for Obama is up for a Webby.

Frat teaches members how to talk to Jewish women.

Out Magazine forgot about the power of POC and trans* people.

UNC is more concerned about false rape accusations than rape itself.

Happy Birthday, Frances Perkins!

DC comics to introduce first reality-based trans character.

Check out the IGNITE Fellowship for Women of Color in the Social Sector.

Harry Potter hates street harassment.

Accidental Racist” is just… racist.

Ladies: gay men are not accessories.

An open letter to the Church from “a college student who misses you.”

Feminism could destroy Russia, says Russian patriarch who is actually concerned about feminism destroying his gig as head of a patriarchy.

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