2013-04-16 21:18:49

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Photo by Jessica Testa/Buzzfeed

Photo by Jessica Testa/Buzzfeed

Policy Mic rounded up the 10 most racist tweets about the Boston Marathon bombing.

Carlos Arredondo was a hero of yesterday’s tragedy. He also happens to have moved to the U.S. without authorization.

Pope Francis reaffirms that those radical feminist nuns need to get in line.

Surprise! The Everyday Sexism Project gets a lot of hate mail.

CFC: “Not That Kind of Dr.

Check out this week’s report on the U.S. student movement from The Nation.

Diversity in YA celebrates new book releases.

Dr. Z on some uses of black male trans anger.

Want to join the Love Isn’t Enough team?

Rookie interviews Molly Ringwald.

Tufts’ health plan will now cover gender reassignment surgery.

Women in ND are going to seek out abortions whether they’re legal or not: A “heartbeat” ban will just make the procedures less safe.

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