2013-06-03 21:30:14

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

rally in Istanbul

Protests continue in Turkey. [Image via]

An NYU/UNM prof doesn’t want fat PhD students.

Five reasons you should love Brittney Griner.

A powerful narrative of responding to rape with power, not violence.

Are you thinking of running for office?

Jessica on why we should stand up to misogynist trolls.

The UChicago Clothesline Project was denied funding. Sign here to support their appeal.

Why can’t Johnny Storm be black?

The New Republic takes down an irresponsible anti-Obamacare argument.

Four woman-created comics you should buy.

Should the media gossip more about gay athletes?

Let’s talk about how rape jokes affect rapists.

Fire Lou Dobbs.

You may think you want equal pay laws, but Republican congresswoman Blackburn knows you really don’t.

Support a Hackathon for Transgender Empowerment.

People ask some ridiculous things about race.

College guy advises admitted students not to worry about campus anti-violence activism because not EVERYONE gets raped.

Reddit discusses how to street harass a woman into bed. Least surprising trigger warning ever.

Pussy Riot member Maria Alyokhina ended her hunger strike.

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