2013-07-02 21:00:04

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

BET offers B. Scott a “We didn’t mean to do it” “apology.”

Apparently Wendy Davis used to be a brunette. Scandal!

A dude at Salon says we shouldn’t compare Wendy Davis to complex fictional heroes. Apparently using pop culture to establish a real person’s hero status is, like, super problematic when feminists do it with a lady, I guess because we lack the complex reasoning skills to understand that Davis isn’t actually the Khaleesi.

Kate Harding on being a feminist blogger and choosing not to blog anymore.

Levar Burton on how he tries to avoid police harassment when driving while Black. “And I do that because I live in America.”

The New York Times‘ consistently lousy Room For Debate is focused this week on telling abortion stories. And of course it features a couple anti-choice dudes who are clearly just their for “balance.”

Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Connie Britton(!) are selling orange “What Would Tami Taylor Do” shirts at cost.

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