2013-09-09 21:11:15

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Chescaleigh offers advice on how to apologize when you get called out.

Ben Jealous is stepping down from the NAACP.

What Ever Happened to Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program?

The Feminist Wire’s “Love as a Radical Act” forum.

“Sex sells,” the saying goes. So does violence against women. 

“We are not menswear. We are not womenswear. We are not all men. We are not all womyn… We are not expected. We exist in the negative space between identity and fashion.”

Vote for the 2013 Women’s Media Center Social Media Award.

George Zimmerman is in police custody after his wife called the police alleging he threatened her. Who knew that past instances of domestic violence and killing a 17 year-old were predictors for violent behavior?



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