2013-10-03 22:30:14

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

By Verónica and Jos

A woman rammed her car into the White House gate and led a chase to the US Capitol today. She was shot and taken to the hospital – an officer was also injured. There was also a child in the car, who was reportedly not injured. Reports also suggest the woman did not have a gun.

Sinéad O’Connor sends Miley Cyrus an open letter full of slut-shaming, anti-sex work rhetoric, and patriarchal protectionism. Miley responds by mocking Sinéad’s mental health. *sigh*

On the role that Chirlane McCray, wife of NYC mayoral race front-runner Bill de Blasio (and openly queer activist), has played in shaping his campaign.

Marvel is running a contest to encourage girls in STEM fields. Meanwhile, DC Comics lost one of their best creative teams cause they wouldn’t let Batwoman get gay married, and they ran a contest to draw Harley Quinn committing suicide. Jos says, “Make mine Marvel!”

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