2013-10-10 20:40:12

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

By Katie and Veronica

I mean, we already knew this, but it’s official: Transgender Equality Movement Will “Dismantle” Civilization, according to an op-ed in the Washington Times. 

Why Marissa Alexander‘s supporters are petitioning for release and not a new trial.

Pakistani Taliban say Malala has done ‘nothing’ to earn human rights prize. I’m pretty sure that’s the best endorsement you can get for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Yesterday California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill allowing Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse Midwives, and Physician Assistants to perform first-trimester abortions, becoming the only state this year to pass legislation expanding abortion access.

A woman is forced to give birth alone without any medical help on the lawn of the Mexican health center which refused to admit her.

A new book on Nazi women. Sounds like quite the beach read.

Family Says African American Slain by Georgia Police Was Unarmed

Rabbis Said to Use Torture, for Fee, to Force Divorce. Maybe it’s time Orthodox Jews rethink the whole ban on women being able to divorce their husbands thing.

 Florida Senate Panel Approves ‘Stand Your Ground’ Revisions

Lovely! New Russian Bill Seeks To Ban Same-Sex Surrogacy


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