2013-10-14 21:00:51

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

By Maya and Syreeta

We’re half-way through pink-washing month.

Sexist “sexy” Halloween costumes: not just for women these days.

“While the cultural move away from the glorification of Columbus is important, we cannot and should not replace him with a continued partriarchal viewpoint that history is told by the winners.”

Science blog editor calls a black female science writer a whore after she declines an unpaid blogging gig.

Do women have more to lose if immigration reform fails?

This Saturday, artist Suzanne Lacy is curating a mass intersectional dialogue in feminism on a city block in Brooklyn.

Long reads on Rachel Jeantel and Dave Chappelle that you need in your life courtesy of critic Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah.

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