2014-02-04 22:27:39

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

News anchor  Brenda Woods schools anti-immigrant, ignorant, bigots over Coke commercial. (See above and transcript below.)

Sandra Fluke running for Congress? Yes, please.

Louisiana officials drop “emergency” abortion regulations that would have shuttered clinics across the state.

Three Policies That Can Save Other Drug Users From Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Fate.

Happy Birthday, Rosa Parks.

News flash for Laura Ingraham: Puerto Rico is part of the United States.

Exonerations climb in US, as prosecutors, police probe wrongful convictions.

Video transcript:

But the fact that people are outraged over this ad is outrageous itself. People indignant that others would have the audacity to sing ‘America the Beautiful’ in a language other than English, when America was built on opening its arms to the world? The quote on the Statue of Liberty doesn’t say ‘give me your English-speaking only, Christianity-believing, heterosexual masses.’ It says ‘give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses tempest-tost,’” she continued. “Have we forgotten that every one of us ‘Americans’ except for Native Americans, are descendants of foreigners? That the English language is from England? How dare there be indignation over the very thing that makes us great,” she said. “What’s so sacrosanct about this song that it can’t be sung in other languages by other ethnicities, by those of diverse religions and diverse lifestyles?

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