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Clever, Funny, Snarky -- 6-Word Reactions to the Debate

One of AlterNet's former managing editors, Larry Smith, now editor of SMITH magazine, pioneered a book publishing and online phenomenon with the 6-Word Memoir, which has taken on a life of its own. Channeling Larry's innovation, AlterNet asked readers on Twitter and Facebook to send in their 6-word impressions of Obama and Romney's final debate. 

We've posted a sampling of some of our favorties of the responses below, kicking off with one from Larry Smith himself. You can see them all here (Twitter) and here (Facebook).

Larry Smiith: "Military: not a game of battleship."

Tim Wright: Will not watch. Voted last week.

Dinah Cox: Mitt makes Chinese goods real cheap.

Liz Mullaney: Biggest loser tonight: our warming planet.

Tziporah Miriam Halperin: Romney the smirking chameleon. Presidential? Hardly.


Lowell Greenberg: How many zingers equals the truth? ​Joshua Holland: GOP candidate doesn't believe in diplomacy. Richard Nangle: Barry"s on fire, Mitt's a liar. Jeremy Hende: Is bullshit one word or two?

Lynn Parramore: Millionaires to discuss global poverty tonight.

Adele Stan: Cheney: "great wisdom." Chew on that.

Anthony Giffen: Sweaty man loses water weight, debate.

Ronnie James Harriger Garduno: If only the questions were relevant.

Mike McCormick: Come November 7th, Wall Street Wins.

Mo Godwin: Is anyone going to fact check?

TimKarr: Lots of droning; little about drones.

Julia Nims: Red herrings, jingoism, and baldfaced lies.

Dinah Cox: Romney has a big black eye.

Paul Norris: Nuke the Commission on Presidential Debates!

Lynda Brittain Blessing: Romney Diplomacy: Where Inexperience, Clumsiness Exist.

Sarah Custer: If you're still undecided, you're hopeless.

N. Charles Jennings: Romney spins the Wheel of Fortune.

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