2013-06-26 16:05:25

Clear eyes, full hearts, cast Connie Britton in the Wendy Davis biopic already

Last night’s filibuster in Texas makes a powerful feminist narrative. It’s the story of Wendy Davis, the inspirational figurehead. But it’s also the story of a broader movement, a feminist army that rose up in Texas and had Davis’ back the whole time. I so want that to be a movie. And of course Wendy Davis would have to be played by Tammy Taylor herself, Connie Britton. So I made this:

Poster shows Connie Britton speaking at a microphone. Tex reads: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose. Let Her Speak: The Wendy Davis Story. Starring Connie Britton. Lifetime

The feminist army just defeated a massive anti-choice bill. We can totally make this happen.

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