2013-05-13 17:09:02

Chart of the Day: White men are 31% of the population but 58% of evening cable news guests

Media Matters has a series of depressing charts showing the (lack of) gender and racial diversity on cable news shows. They analyzed 13 evening cable news shows on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC during April, though I’d imagine this sad game could be played every month of the year.

The charts that show the combined effects of the gender and racial gap are particularly revealing. White men make up only 31 percent of the population, but they represented 62 percent of guests on CNN, 60 percent on Fox, and 54 percent on MSNBC. Consequently, as the chart below shows, white women and non-white men are underrepresented, and non-white women are super underrepresented.

Representation in US population vs. Cable news

It is possible to buck this trend. On Chris Hayes’ weekend MSNBC show, white men only made up 41 percent of guests. So other producers should take notes and follow his lead.

Check out the rest of the charts here.

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