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Awesome upcoming event: What does feminism have to do with men?

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Do you have a gentleman in your life whom you would like to convert to the righteous and noble cause of feminism? Perhaps a young boy whom you would like to indoctrinate good and early? Have you found yourself trying to explain the concept of “privilege” to a man and thought, “Ugh, this is exhausting. I wish I could just hand him a book that would explain all of this so that I can go watch the most recent episode of Mad Men”?

Well, you can buy him a copy of The Guy’s Guide to Feminism, by Michael Kaufman and Michael Kimmel. It is that handy dandy book. It’s smart, simple, funny, and a great introduction to feminism designed specifically for men. Here’s an excerpt, from the entry for “Education”:

Science News Flash (1873): Some startling research proves once and for all that it’s a bad idea for women to be educated.   Careful observation shows that women who go to college have fewer children.  The reason, Harvard professor Edward Clarke tells us, is obvious:  Allowing women’s brains to grow means their wombs will shrink.  The conclusion: Since this could lead to depopulation, it’s best to keep women out of the classroom.

Demography News Flash (2012): In our colleges and universities, well over 50 percent of students are women.  They’re the majority of medical students, law students, and business students.

What Happened In Between?

HYPOTHESIS ONE:   In the 1880s, women’s dresses were too large to fit into classroom seats.  Styles have changed, so now women can get an education.


Buy said gentleman this book! If you don’t want to do that, or if you’ve already done that, buy him a ticket to Paradigm Shift’s upcoming Guy’s Guide event.

Next Wednesday, June 6th

7-9:30pm at The Feminist District

151 W. 46th St. (b/t 6th & 7th Ave) 8th Floor

Featuring Michael Kimmel, co-author of The Guy’s Guide and Quentin Walcott, Co-Executive Director of CONNECT, a New York domestic violence prevention organization.

Cost: $12 pre-paid, $15 at door

Limited Seating/Buy Online!

Do it! Be there! Go team!

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