2012-04-12 18:37:20

Atlanta Lawyer Shoots Korean Husband, Then Herself

An Atlanta-based lawyer shot and killed her Korean husband Tuesday night in a parking lot outside the legal offices of where the two worked. A second woman was also shot and is in critical condition, according to a report in the Korea Daily in Atlanta.

The shooter, identified as Sylvia Junn, then turned the gun on herself. She is described in the report as being of Hispanic-Asian descent.

Authorities believe she discovered her husband, Charles Junn, had been having an affair with 51-year-old Mi Kyung Hong, who worked with the couple in the Duluth law firm.

Hong remains hospitalized, the report notes. It adds that she is an active member in the city’s sizable Korean community.

The Junn’s moved to Atlanta from the Bay Area in 2006. They attended the same high school and college in Northern California.

The shooting is the second involving the Korean community in recent months. In February, a Korean man opened fire on patrons at a local Spa. All the victims in that incident were killed. Later reports showed they had been related to the attacker.

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