2012-03-23 11:00:00

Ana Perez: Time for Latinas to Speak Up on Birth Control and Choice in Arizona

Getting fired for using birth control? Asking permission from your boss to use contraception?
Though this may sound like something out of some old military dictatorship or out of a science fiction movie, it may become the law of the land in Arizona. Arizona, the state that’s leading the national charge against immigrants is now gearing up to lead the national war against women. HB-2625 is the worst anti-woman, anti-Latina efforts to date.

This latest attack against women’s health is based on the false and irrational argument that “mom and pop” shops have the right to deny their employees access to birth control based on their religious believes. The bill would allow employers to take away health coverage if a woman is using birth control to prevent pregnancy. It has already passed the lower House and awaits approval in the Arizona Senate.

As if passing policies such as SB-1070, the highly controversial racial profiling law and the outrageous ban on books, were not enough, now Arizona is narrowing in on women and Latinas are target number one. When we consider, for example, that Latinas are already among one of the highest uninsured groups in our country and that 97 percent of sexually active Latinas between the ages 15 and 44 have used some form of contraception, H.B. 2526 is a clear attack in the escalating the war on Latinas.

If this bill passes, even more Latinas stand to lose their healthcare benefits, in addition to facing public discrimination, sexism and humiliation in their workplaces when asked about their sexual life by their supervisors.

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