2013-06-14 13:45:41

Amazing Cheerio’s ad parody features interracial queer couple, says fuck the haters

A queer Cheerio’s ad parody is like a blogger’s dream, if for the puns alone. I am therefore happy to call for three “queers” at the emergence of this gem, posted yesterday by Kenji America:

The video closely follows the script of the original Cheerio’s ad, which you may remember pissed off a lot of people for featuring an interracial family, because racism. In fact, the ad drew such vitriol online  that Cheerio’s had to switch off its YouTube comments section in order to maintain a “family friendly” space. Again, this is a commercial in which literally nothing happens except that an adorable little girl asks her (presumed) mother if it’s true that Cheerio’s is good for your heart and upon receiving confirmation, dumps a whole bunch of the product on her (again, presumed) dad.

The parody sticks with the original premise, building on the girls’ still adorable question to prompt a slightly more radical message from her mother: “I say that we have the God-given right to stuff our faces with whatever we want and with whomever we want, no matter what the haters say.” And then the queer twist — the sleeping other parent is a woman of color rather than a man.

Unfortunately there is no transcript available but if anyone has time to make one and can leave it in the comments it would be very much appreciated! Until then, cheerio.

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