2012-08-29 03:14:00

6 Big Lies By Republican National Convention Speakers, Day One


TAMPA, FLA. -- On the opening day of its national convention, the Republican Party refrained from putting its full crazy on display in favor of unleashing a mere torrent of mendacity.

Not that there wasn't a heavy quotient of weirdness.  
A white man sang a full complement of R&B songs to a nearly all-white audience of delegates. (Thank you, G.E. Smith Band.) Old people danced comically to the strains of 3 Doors Down
The Ron Paul people accused the G.O.P. of "detaining" the Virginia delegation in order to keep one of its leaders, Morton Blackwell, from participating in a rules committee meeting that ultimately stripped Paul of many of his delegates on the heels of a rules change that conferred a kingly sort of power on the party's nominee.
Former U.S. senator Rick Santorum, presidential nominee Romney's closest rival during the primary season, admired the hands of his grandfather's corpse, and then shook hands with the American dream, finding it to have a strong grip.
But another bit hand-dancing was more than strange: a bevvy of lies and deceptions that defined the evening were epitomized in a set of videos called "These Hands," which featured deceptively edited audio of President Barack Obama's ineloquent attempt to explain the role of government in paving the way for successful businesses, and cinematic depictions of noble small-business owners who were mighty mad at the president.

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