2012-09-13 17:00:03

55 ways Republicans hate women

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Anyone following politics knows Republicans are launching a full out war on women. But you may not know how many anti-women votes the Republicans cast since January 2011. Well, a report released last week by Rep. Henry Waxman (D – Ca.) has the answer: 55! That’s right, Republicans voted to take away women’s rights or make their lives miserable 55 times. The Anti-Women Voting Record of The U.S. House of Representatives 112th Congress report includes some of the GOP’s greatest hits, so to speak, against women, like,

  • Seventeen votes which would allow health insurance companies to discriminate against women by charging women higher premiums than men or denying women coverage based on “pre-existing conditions” like being pregnant.

  • a vote which would allow hospitals to deny emergency abortions to women’s whose lives are at risk, which NARAL’s Nancy Keenan has called The “Let Women Die” Bill.

  • Six votes against protections for women from violence and discrimination,including votes against protecting the confidentiality of domestic violence victims, and votes against additional funding for grants under the Violence Against Women Act

  • Votes to cut the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants,  and Children (WIC). (Because, you know, they’re the party of family values, which means letting pregnant women, new mothers AND infants go hungry.)

There are lots more! You can check out the summary or the full report here.  It’s a real beach read.


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