2012-03-07 02:36:49

 As the college-acceptance letters have started reaching mailboxes, parents are crunching the numbers to see just how much college will cost

What parents always believed to be fact – that an education at a California public institution would cost less than that at a private school – apparently just isn’t true anymore.

According to reporting by the Bay Area News Group, the price tag to attend Harvard University and some of the other most selective private schools across the country actually is less that attending a California State University campus.

THE COST OF COLLEGE: Generous financial-aid packages have made it less expensive to attend some Ivy League schools and other prestigious colleges that public universities in California. According to the Bay Area News Group, a year of tuition, room and board at other expenses would cost about $24,000 at Cal State East Bay, $33,000 at UC Santa Cruz and $17,000 at Harvard University. Those figures assume the student comes from a family of four with an annual income of less than $130,000. P 

With the increase in tuition in both the University of California and Cal State systems, combined with the rising financial aid offered at Ivy League schools and other prominent campuses, some vaunted schools now are more in reach of the middle-class family than state schools.

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