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11-Year-Old Student Sues His Florida Public School For Failing To Teach Evolution

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An 11-year-old boy and his lawyer father have slapped the Palm Beach County school board with a lawsuit for neglecting to teach evolution because of religious objections.

Brandon Silver is eager to learn all about evolution in his science class, but his school barely touches upon it because the fuddy-duddy administrators object to it for religious reasons. But because the Palm Beach County school district is a public school, disregarding science in favor of a particular religious belief is unconstitutional.

“We’ve been taught about adaptations to the environment but that’s not really a direct concept to evolution,” Brandon told WPBF.

Brandon took his concerns to his father, Barry Silver, who gladly agreed to help his son take on the school district.

“It’s such a magnificent story and it’s being neglected,” Silver said. “The students are being deprived of learning from it because certain religious people don’t like the story because it contradicts the Bible and we think it is terrible that children shouldn’t learn the truth about where they came from.”

So, last month, the Silvers slapped the district with a lawsuit aimed at making them actually teach evolution.

They even chose a specific date to file the lawsuit to coincide with a special anniversary.

“We filed this on Nov. 24, 2015, because on Nov. 24, 1859, Darwin published that incredible work about the origin of the species,” Silver explained.

The lawsuit claims that Palm Beach County school district is breaking Florida law by not providing the best quality education for students, which should include evolutionary science, a cornerstone of biology and many other scientific fields.

“There are currently schools and textbooks which provide false, misleading, and dangerous information about certain religions and purposely omit factual information if it appears unfavorable to them and/or politically incorrect, which cause Palm Beach County public school students not to receive a high quality education required by the Florida law,” the lawsuit says.

While the superintendent hasn’t seen the lawsuit yet, the Silvers hope to work something out with school administrators to solve the problem instead of going to court. If the school refuses, the Silvers intend to go the distance in their fight to put science in the classroom so that Brandon and his fellow students can get the best education possible without religion interfering.

“If they’re willing to sit down with us and talk about it and correct some of the things that are not proper in the school system about science we’re happy to resolve it with them,” Barry said. “If not, we’ll go ahead and serve it and we will vigorously litigate the lawsuit.”

Clearly, Brandon appears to be acting more like a well-adjusted adult than the school administrators who are putting their religious beliefs above the education of their students.

Pew Research reports that the United States currently ranks 27th in the world in science according to 2012 scores released by the Program for International Student Assessment.

One of the reasons why we rank so low is because lawmakers and school officials are too busy trying to inject religion where it doesn’t belong instead of focusing on actual scientific fact. As a result, our kids are getting confused and not getting the best education we can provide.

Schools, especially public schools, are no place for religion. That’s what churches are for. Science education should be about facts and evidence. If schools refuse to understand that, then they deserve lawsuit after lawsuit until our kids are given the education they deserve, instead of the one being forced upon them by religious extremists.




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11-Year-Old Student Sues His Florida Public School For Failing To Teach Evolution

11-Year-Old Student Sues His Florida Public School For Failing To Teach Evolution

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